Father’s Day Gifts Designed to Last

11 June 2015

Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? Forget the chocolates and beer this year. Give him something that’s built to last – a beautiful little ‘Thank you’ that he can use and enjoy every single day.

We’re talking, of course, about our range of exquisitely designed tools. Some, like the Ultimate Nail Clipper, we’ve designed ourselves. Others, like the Bison Straight Razor, and (our latest addition) the Furtif Evercut Knife (yep, we've added Cutlery to our store!) have been designed by our friends around the world with the same keen eye for detail, form and usability. Take a look.

They’re not big. They’re not ostentatious. But they’re damn good to use and demand to be picked up, held and admired every day. A brilliant gift to say ‘Good job, Dad’ this Father’s Day.

Mother's Day 2015

28 April 2015

At Klhip, we're all about mom's - heck without them none of us would be here! Here's our fearless leader (the guy in the middle) getting his nails trimmed by, you guessed it, his loving mother! This is also the earliest evidence we've yet unearthed as to why he ever came up with the idea for Klhip!!! So, here's to all the moms out there that have clipped a few nails in their day. The least we can do is get them the proper equipment…..Klhip Online Boutique

Giving a Thoughtful Gift

02 April 2015

Spring is here and with it comes the another busy gift giving season. Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation...just to name a few. Every year people think that the best ideas for gifts are the items stores advertise when you first walk in. Flowers, chocolates, candies, and other disposable items are always the first gifts you see. These gifts are the ones that your significant other will appreciate for a moment, as they smell the flowers and taste the sweetness of chocolate against their lips, yet these small moments will only last for a few seconds or a few minutes. It's time to give our significant others a present that will last them longer.

Gifts that last longer are gifts that you may not think of right away. It's important when you are trying to find the right gift to think outside the box. Give your significant other a gift that will last a lifetime. Imagine your significant others look of surprise if they open a chocolate box to find a Klhip product, such as our luxury nail clippers, neatly wrapped inside. Though this present is technically inside of the box, the thought process behind it was definitely thinking outside the box. It's important to think differently when giving a present, when you allow yourself to open your mind you can find a gift that means a lot more to the person you adore. A great gift is something that shows you really care about the person you are with. The more special the gift, the bigger the smile and the longer they will keep it close to their hearts.

No matter the occasion, Graduation, Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or just a regular day, you want to remember to think outside the box. Your significant other will keep an item you thought about and remember you whenever they use it. Visit the Klhip precision tool product page and choose high quality and industry leading products such as our precision nail clippers and new stone nail file. These gifts are perfect for any occasion and will always make a lasting impression.

Klhip featured in GQ's 2014 Gift Guide

01 December 2014
Honored to be included in GQ's 2014 Gift Guide! As they put it, "Yes, it's a $75 nail clipper. And yes, it's worth it". We couldn't agree more. The perfect gift under $100. Happy Holidays!
GQ's 2014 Gift Guide

This is edit.

19 November 2014

Meet edit., our newest Klhip dealer. Located in Tulsa, OK and definitely one of the coolest stores we've seen. As they put it, "We are a design store selling useful well designed objects for everyday living. Located in the heart of Tulsa’s design district. Stop by to find truly one of a kind world class design objects". Excited to have them on board! 


08 September 2014

Klhip attended the PROJECT Show at Magic. PROJECT GROOM was the exclusive destination for the finest men's styling and personal care essentials. We were excited to meet new people and bring the world's best nail clipper to a great gathering of specialty retailers. 

Klhip Best of Breed

15 August 2014

We are excited to add another award to the shelf. Check it out, UBER APPARATUS named the Klhip nail clipper the Best of Breed, declaring “the world’s best and highest quality nail clipper.”