Klhip® Patents Precision Nail Trimmer, The Ultimate Clipper™

01 March 2011
Klhip®, a high-end grooming brand has been issued its first U.S. design patent (patent number: D629161) for The Ultimate Clipper™ by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Setting itself apart from traditional nail trimmers, The Ultimate Clipper's proprietary reversed-engineered design gives the user more control, and the falling-rate cam requires far less pressure than traditional clippers. Its modern design and single-blade cutting creates smooth nail edges, eliminating the need for filing afterward and, clippings tend to stay on board.

Klhip has also been issued four other design patents, three from the European Union (patent numbers: 001725334-001, 001725334-002, 001725334-003) issued by The Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market (OHIM), which is responsible for registering trademarks and designs that are valid in all 27 countries of the EU. The fourth is from Japan (patent number: 2010-015736) by the Japan Patent Office. Also, pending are Utility Patents from the U.S., Europe and Japan, as well as two additional U.S. design patents.

"It's exciting to have our first patents issued and to know that the others are pending," Klhip Founder Andrew Johnston said. "We expect 2011 to be a great year for Klhip, as we look to make a big consumer launch in the U.S. and other markets."

Using surgical-grade stainless steel, The Ultimate Clipper is the first nail clipper to be produced with metal-injection molding and is completely manufactured and assembled in the United States. The sturdy, high-quality design allows Klhip to provide a lifetime guarantee (on parts and workmanship).