What makes a high quality nail clipper?

28 April 2014

Why settle for mediocre when trimming your nails? Tired of sub-par quality and poor performing nail clippers?

What makes a high quality nail clipper? We get this question often at Klhip so we’ve put together a list to help sort through the clutter……and clip out what matters.

ERGONOMICS: Conventional nail clippers are backward; they are controlled from the wrong end. To fix this, you need a nail clipper with a forward facing lever. A forward facing lever allows you to apply pressure directly over the nail you’re cutting. It creates a more natural grip and makes clipping easy……and enjoyable. The first thing the user will notice about the Klhip clipper is how easy and comfortable it is to hold and operate. The Klhip clipper is the first and only ergonomically correct nail clipper.

SHARPNESS: Both blades should be sharp enough so that they are actually cutting the nail and not crushing and snapping it. Sharp blades will cut nails effortlessly and will leave a clean nail edge. Cheap nail clipper blades are not sharp enough and require too much force resulting in almost snapping of the nail, leaving jagged edges that need to be filed. The Klhip clipper blades are extremely sharp, resulting in smooth cutting and clean nail edges.

MATERIALS: Cheap nail clippers are made from carbon steel and nickel or chrome plated to avoid rusting. High quality nail clippers are made of stainless steel. The best high quality nail clippers are made of 440C stainless steel – this grade of stainless steel has the best proportion of hardness and corrosion resistance. The hardness allows for sharp blades that stay sharp, the corrosion resistance assists in keeping the blades sharp and it helps keeps the clipper rust free. Get a model that’s all stainless steel—they stay sharp, are easy to clean, and have a substantial heft without being cumbersome. The Klhip clipper is made of 440C stainless steel.

CONSTRUCTION: Exacting tolerances and rigid parts are critical for superior performance. Cheap nail clippers are not rigid and require too much pressure to build up before finally snapping the nail. A high quality nail clipper with rigid jaws and rigid lever – combined with very sharp blades – cuts easily and leaves a smooth, clean nail edge. The Klhip clipper is made through a high-tech process called Metal Injection Molding (MIM), which creates extremely rigid metal parts.

Nail clippers haven’t changed in over 100 years….until now. Toss the cheap drugstore nail clippers and get something better—you’ll be amazed at the difference.